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04.23.20 | by Roger Kresge


    Position Description: Director of Children and Youth Ministry

    Part Time (16 to 19 hours)


    1. Commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and supportive of the United Methodist Church
    2. Passion for children and youth ministry and the spiritual development of children and youth
    3. Understanding of current urban and suburban children and youth ministry needs and trends in the church
    4. Self-starter as a leader and motivator of volunteers to provide ministry for children and youth
    5. Degree or comparable education and experience in children and youth ministry along with criminal and child abuse clearances
    6. Ability to engage with young people and their parents and to build community with the families, volunteer workers, and church staff
    7. Time management and goal setting skills to develop and carry out a workable program for children and youth along with the adult volunteers
    8. Desire and skills to expand the church’s children and youth ministry by reaching out beyond the church’s walls
    9. Personal emotional, psychological, and spiritual maturity needed for this sacred trust


    1. To help children and youth grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ
    2. To help fulfill the Mission of the church through children and youth ministry
    3. To lead and coordinate opportunities for children and youth to be involved in worship, Christian education, and fellowship activities
    4. To engage children and youth in service to the church and in outreach ministries to the immediate community and beyond
    5. To expand the church’s ministry to children and youth by inviting children and youth outside the church to join in fellowship with those in the church
    6. To recruit adult volunteers to work with children and youth ministries and to guide and support them in that role
    7. To connect with parents of children and youth and to garner their support
    8. To communicate in a clear and timely manner to children, youth, and parents about upcoming activities and responsibilities
    9. To be part of a team with the pastoral staff to offer a confirmation course on an annual basis as warranted
    10. To be part of the Staff Team and the Nurture Team and meet regularly with them


    The Director will set goals based on the above job description and be accountable to and supervised by the Senior Pastor.


    Send your intent of interest and resume to .