Ministries at Covenant Church are designed to help you connect to a Christ-centered community and to learn and grow your relationships with each other and with Jesus, no matter what stage of life you are in. Consider ministry choices that align with our Covenant mission statement: "We welcome, we nurture, we serve."

Prayer Ministries

"Rise Up and Pray" - That's the focus of our Eastern Pennsylvania Conference this year. Join one of our weekly prayer groups!

Serving Ministries

Covenant members are engaged in many serving ministries: Feeding the hungry and lonely, providing safe and affordable housing, teaching adults and children, and welcoming guests and visitors.

Worship Ministries

Called to serve in worship? Music, leading worship, ushering, decorating and a whole lot more.

Leadership Ministries

Covenant is not a small church, and it takes a lot of "behind the scenes" effort and planning to make it all happen. You may be called to serve on a team or committee that's responsible for a specific area of our church life.